tCheck2 Cannabis Oil Potency Tester


60 seconds to test your infusions. 5 minutes to test your flower and concentrates.

With the Flower & Concentrate kit and Compound Breakdown, you can have lab quality testing at a fraction of the cost.
With so many strains available, tCheck 2 allows you to personalize, with the strain you want, and the strength you need.


How it works

What’s a spectrometer?
tCheck is an application specific UV-Vis spectrometer designed to measure the concentration of herbal compounds in liquids. It works by shining a specific wavelength (color) of light through the oil, then measuring the amount of light that makes it through.

The tCheck App

Make potency testing easier! The tCheck app brings control to what you use most, your phone. Run your tests, log your results, review previous results, use the CBV calculator to customize your recipes to the exact dose you want. Test your strains and keep track of what works best for you.

Flower & Concentrate Testing

Expansion kit

For under $5 a test, the Flower & Concentrate expansion kit allows you to test virtually any product up to 99.9% potency. Move beyond the limitations of traditional lab testing with your own compact setup. In less than 10 minutes, know the quality and strength of the product you have.


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