PH-Balancer Alkalizing Red Formula

pHBALANCER™ Alkalizing Red Formula, our most Dynamic Formula, helps reverse chronic acidity and inflammation that promote chronic disease. With a base of The Gift and Comprehensive Wellness, pHBALANCER™ delivers best-in-class nutrition too!



Alkalinity of minerals (and vitamins as co-factors to minerals) may help to neutralize acids and maintain a healthy pH balance.

Many factors can upset this balance.

For example:

Our diets can include highly acidic foods, such as carbonated beverages; Emotional and mental states of anxiety, stress, fear, and worry are extreme acid producers.

When our diets are mineral-deficient, our bodies become acidic, our tissues become inflamed, and eventually we may become prone to dis-ease.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to eat a well-balanced diet, many crop plants contain may be depeleted of many nutritents.

pH BALANCER™, Alkalizing Red Formula NOT ONLY Provides Serious Alkaline Support

IT ALSO Provides Comprehensive Nutritional Support Help to Meet Our Daily Nutritional Needs” – Mother Earth labs


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