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JACBD is a San Francisco-based company specializing in one product only – CBD free of any of the cognitive impairment associated with THC.

JACBD growers use certified non-GMO organic Hemp plants, specifically bred for high amounts of CBD. The meticulous selection of superior genetics and harvesting allow us to derive exceptional isolate.

The extraction method itself utilizes the greenest techniques known in the industry, and the refinement process produces concentrations up to 99.9% pharmaceutical grade CBD.



Calm (Indica) is a soothing and mildly sedating blend that’s been concocted for those that want to chill. We’ve taken some of our favorite indica strains to help shape this amazing flavorful blend.

Zenergy (Sativa) is a bright flavored blend that’s upbeat, focused, and creative. We’ve been inspired by some of our favorite sativa strains to give Zenergy its signature citrus, pine, and apple flavors.

Bliss (Hybrid) blend to produce blend while remaining relaxed and light. Its aromatic profile has been modeled after a number of our favorite hybrid strains do give it that distinct minty sweet flavor.

New reformulated .3 ML cartridges are pre-filled with our incredibly pure CBD distillate. Due to the purity of this distillate, it is much smoother than more common full spectrum oils. Each cartridge contains roughly 250MG of CBD and comes in great terpene flavors! This product contains absolutely NO THC.

New .5 ML is JACBD best Pure CBD distillate oil to date! We’ve preserved the hemp plants naturally rich terpenes, which has an amazing “honey-like” flavor. Contains roughly 350 mg of CBD and available in both single form and two packs.

Products include a 0.5 or 1.0 gram crystalline / 0.3ml cartridges / 0.5ml – 99% pure CBD

JACBD Extra strength tincture 1000mg – CBD isolate and organic MCT sublingual – 35 drops = 20mg

Email us about JACBD products and pricing ($25-$60)


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