CBD Clinic Pain Relief

CBD Clinic comes in five different levels. Product price ranges from $25-$90 depending on level.

To order call:267-685-6133 or email: Bagnellchiro@gmail.com

Description: The Natural Science Behind Pain Relief
After a decade of R&D, a major breakthrough in topical pain relief is now a reality.

CBD CLINIC Professional Series over-the-counter, non-prescription ointments and creams are available to patients exclusively via health & wellness professionals. All products are FDA-registered, made in a FDA-audited facility, and have provided remarkable relief to NFL players and other professional athletes since its introduction earlier this year.

Each formula has three (3) foundational components for delivering rapid and lasting relief from joint and muscle pain, associated with daily living, sports injuries, arthritis, sprains, bruises and related types of inflammation:

1) Natural Emollients
2) Powerful Terpenes
3) Aromatic Cannabidiol

DIRECTIONS: Massage into the affected area. Repeat up to 4X daily. Use before and after strenuous activities.

CAUTION: External use only. Keep out of eyes, nose, and mouth.


Revolutionary Pain Relief – analgesic topical cream

Level 1-Mild Odor-Free (sensitive skin) -$25

Level 2-Mild-Moderate -$35

Level 3-Moderate -$45

Level 4-Severe -$55

Level 5-Pro Sport -$90

Fast, long-lasting relief from muscle and joint pain, arthritis, sprains, bruises, cramps and related discomfort.

Massage into the affected area. Repeat up to 4x daily.

CBD Clinic, Revolutionary Pain Relief, leaf logo, and Pro Sport are trademarks of Abacus of Colorado, LLC.

Additional information

CBD Clinic Level

Level 1-Mild Odor-Free, Level 2-Mild-Moderate, Level 3-Moderate, Level4-Severe, Level 5-ProSport


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